Should your card payment fail, you will receive an error message. 

Below is a list of a few of them and what action is needed by you:

1.Transaction declined by authorization system:

Your bank has declined the transaction. 

Reasons for this could be:

The card was reported stolen,

Your bank’s internal risk settings flag and reject the transaction, 

There are insufficient funds

Action to take - contact your bank to resolve.

2. Risk Management Timeout:

This happens when the customer abandons the 3DSecure page (leaves the page without entering their OTP) then the 3DSecure window expires

Action to take - retry payment and complete the 3DSecure process

3. Communication Error

Afristay's payment system is down.

Action to take - Pls notify Afristay on

4. Technical Error in 3DSecure system

This error is caused by a technical error in the 3DSecure workflow.

Action to take - retry payment