Instant Booking allows guests to perform immediate bookings without requiring hosts to review\approve reservation requests. 

This is a highly recommended option for hosts, and a great way to make the booking process more convenient for guests and speed up the time everyone needs to spend on bookings.

It will also increase the amount of bookings that hosts receive from us, because we place Instant Booking listings first on our search results, and also mark them with green text saying "INSTANT BOOKING". (Read more about increasing your listings rank).

Please note: 

- Hosts will be required to honour all bookings, so it is important that your Availability and Rates are always kept up to date before activating Instant Booking.

You have the option still to receive enquiries via the "Message The Host" button, if you enable this option in your Login Area on the Instant Booking page.

- Credit card payments are verified, for everyones safety before the booking is confirmed by our Verification Team. 

- UPDATE: EFT payments are now enabled on Instant Bookings, but please be aware the booking is only confirmed once the funds reflect in our account. Credit Cards are still recommended, as we cannot guarantee availability during the fund clearing time.