How to Integrate your Nightsbridge with your Afristay Listing:

  1. First you need to add Afristay as a "Link" from NightsBridge:
  2. Once you've successfully added us on NightsBridge proceed to your Afristay Login Area
  3. Click on Details on the left navigation menu.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and where it says "NightsBridgeID" enter your BBID (your NightsBridge Listing ID), then click save. This will tell our system which ID to read the info from.
  5. It should take a few minutes, and then our system will be fully integrated! You can test by refreshing the Details page: there will be green text next to your NightsBridgeID input box saying "Activated".

If you need any assistance getting integrated or are experiencing any difficulties please let us know:

Once Integrated, what information comes from NightsBridge?

Once Activated, we'll load your Rates, Availability, Rooms and Description, longitude, latitude and street address directly from Nightsbridge. Meaning you'll never have to worry about updating any of this on Afristay ever again!

Calendar Availability and Rates are updated in realtime, however changes to general descriptions etc... are sync'ed every 8 hours.

Another great benefit: We show listings that are available for a guests selected dates, at the top of the search results, and mark them with bold green text "AVAILABLE".

Important: We also turn on Instant Booking by default for all NightsBridge activated listings, however you are welcome to turn this off and review booking requests manually if you wish to do so. However Instant Booking is highly recommended. You will also rank lower on our search results if you de-activate Instant Booking.

What don't we integrate?

Presently we don't integrate your: Pictures, Accommodation Features, Cancellation Policy, Check-In/Out times, Suburb, City and Country. So please check these (and all other) settings are all correct, once the integration is activated.