We aim to return the best and most relevant search results for guests, specifically we want to reward hosts that give guests the best experience.

With this in mind there are several factors that determine how listings are ranked on the various search results (/destinations/) pages.

1. Booking conversion rate

This is the number of enquiries and views a listing receives that are turned to confirmed bookings. The better the quality of the listing, (competitively priced, great content etc..) the more bookings a listing will receive and the more rank points your listing earns.

2. Speed of response from host on listing

The quicker our hosts reply to guests the better they rank.

3. Listing review rating

The average of your reviews score, given by previous guests. (Reviews older than 8 years are not counted)

4. Listing Freshness

Everytime a listing is updated (rates, photos, calendar, description etc...) it is awarded some points which help improve its ranking. 

Note: An extra set of bonus points are awarded specifically if your calendar is updated regularly (we recommend every 3 months at least).

5. New listings

New places are also given a chance, and go near to the top of the search results, but only for a few days. 

6. Rates are set

Listings that have rates set (and are not POA), are awarded some rank points. Rates help guests quickly compare prices and allow them to use the Book Now feature on the website.

7. Your Listing Address and Location

Make sure your listing is set to the accurate country, town and suburb, and your GPS co-ordinates are set, so visitors can browse our Search Results map.

8. Rates are competitive

Also very important is to ensure that your rates are competitively price compared with your area.

9. Activate Instant Booking.

Make the booking process much more convenient for guests by enabling real-time bookings (Login Area > Listings > Instant Booking - on the left menu). We'll also increase your ranking substantially. Read more about Instant Booking.

10. Update your Availability Calendar often

We place listings that are "definitely available" first on our search results, we determine this if your calendar has been update recently. Also, if we have access to your Nightsbridge and your listing is available, you will appear first on the search results.

3 Bonus methods to increase Bookings:

1. Best Price Guaranteed

Giving our guests the best price and greatest value is important to us. Which is why we rank listings higher that commit to giving our guests the best rate. This can be enabled under your Login Area > Listings > Rates (at the bottom of the page find "Best Price Guarantee" checkbox, tick and click save).

2. RankBoost

Learn more and activate in your Login Area > Listings > Rank Boost.

3. Specials

Add a special deal to turbo charge your ranking. This can be done instantly your Login Area > Listings > Specials

Note: we also aim to filter our listings that are not available for your selected dates.