For Guests Bookings is entirely free. There are no fee's.

For Hosts we charge an All-inclusive Host commission fee: we deduct our main fee from host payments (typically 15% + VAT) every time a reservation is booked. This fee covers our typical costs; marketing, running of website, ecommerce, administration, support and payment processing costs. Fee's are rounded up. 

Read More about Host pay-outs.

You can see the exact amount by clicking on the reservation code in your Transaction History of Afristay Login Area.

Minimum commission charge: Host Fee: R50.

VAT: Depending on the country of residence of the host or guest, VAT on the service fees may be included as an additional amount over and above the total Afristay service fee.

Security deposits are excluded from the service fees. 

Extra International Fees:

Conversion fee: An adjusted exchange rate that includes a 3% currency conversion fee may also be applied to guests if the currency in which a guest is browsing the site is also the one in which they are paying and differs from the host’s listing currency.

International / SWIFT payments may carry extra costs to cover the cost of the transfer charged by banks (approximately R350.00 per transaction).

Kindly note: If a booking or enquiry originates from, but the guest books directly with the host, the booking commission will still be due to us from the host. (more info)