Contact information such as Email addresses and phone numbers are shared automatically by our system, after a booking/reservation request has been accepted and confirmed.

In order to maintain your safety and privacy, all contact between hosts and guests needs to be handled on the site before a reservation is accepted.

Listing with Afristay is also entirely free, and our website does not display advertisements, this means commissions are an essential source to support the running costs of the website and the business.

If you attempt to exchange email addresses or phone numbers before having an accepted reservation, this information will be automatically removed.

Continued attempts at transacting offline may result in your removal from the site, per our Terms of Service.

The guests contact information will be on your Host itinerary. Before submitting or accepting a reservation request, you can use the messaging system on the site to communicate. 


When our messaging and booking system is circumvented, we are rendered unable to protect our guests and hosts as well as fulfil our function as intermediary in the booking process. 

By including your phone number, web or email address in messages sent through our system you are leaving the safety and security of the Afristay system, should something unexpected happen we would not be able to mediate or assist with the conflict resolution process. 

Most importantly please never pay any funds to a host directly.

If you as a host or guest receive personal details before the booking is confirmed please do not hesitate to notify Afristay.

If a booking or enquiry originates from, but the guest books directly with the host, the booking commission will still be due to us from the host.