Why are high conversion rates important for my listing?

A high conversion rate contributes to boosting your listing in our Search Results pages. You can boost your ranking further in our Search Results pages by:

1. Enabling RankBoost

2. Giving Afristay an increased commission rate

3. Reviewing and updating your listing frequently (ensuring all rates are up-to-date and images are of a high quality)

4. Run an Exclusive Special Offer with us (This will temporarily boost your listing for as long as the special runs)

All of the above steps will not only increase your listing in the Search Results, but also ensure that you receive quality enquiries that will help you improve your conversion rate.

How do poor conversion rates affect my listing?

Low conversion rates on your listing directly affect your listings ranking in our Search Results. The poorer the conversion rate, the lower your listing is ranked - making it less and less visible to potential travellers. 

We highly recommend reviewing your listing if your conversion rate is low. By ensuring that your rates, availability and images are all up-to-date (and images are clear and of high quality) you have a much higher chance of your conversion rate increasing. Other things to consider is how you have described your property and what you offer to guests in comparison to your competitors.

What happens if I am notified that my conversion rate is below average?

Depending on the quality of your listing our Content team will contact you to discuss ways in which you can improve your listing. 

However, if we do not contact you this does not mean improvements cannot still be made to increase your conversion rate. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you need assistance/suggestions on how you can improve your listing.

Spam and duplicate enquiries are affecting my conversion rate - is this taken into consideration?

Yes - while spam and duplicates don’t often happen we are aware that they do occasionally slip through and are unavoidable. As this is something that happens to all our hosts, your conversion rate is relative to those in your area. Note that your conversion rate does not need to be 100% to boost your ranking. Anything above the average will have a positive impact on your listing.

Am I expected to have and maintain a 100% conversion rate?

Not at all. Your property needs to generally have an above average (in comparison to other listings in your area) conversion rate for it to have a positive impact on your listings rank on our Search Results pages.

The better quality your listing - the better the chance of having a high conversion rate. A listing is considered to be of high quality when your listing’s rates, availability and images are all up-to-date (and images are clear and of high quality).

I cannot control who enquires about my listing - is there anyway for me to have more control so that my conversion rate is not poorly affected?

We are aware that many guests are quite likely to enquire at more than one property when looking to book their holiday - and it is something all our hosts generally have to contend with. However, there are key things you can do to ensure that you convert the majority of your qualified enquiries:

  1. Respond to enquiries made between 7am - 7pm within max 2 hours. This includes telephonic enquiries.

  2. Respond to all enquiries made outside 7am - 7pm as soon as possible.

  3. Ensure that your property's availability and the rates displayed on your listing page are 100% up-to-date.

  4. Block off dates on your availability calendar as soon as bookings are confirmed and payment made.

  5. Review your listing’s quality - make sure your images are clear and crisp with high resolution. Make sure that all facilities offered are mentioned and that your property’s write-up is original and detailed.

You can always contact us if you need assistance in improving the quality of your listing.