Here is a quick tutorial with pictures on how you as host can update your availability calendars in 7 easy steps.

1. If you are not already logged in, log in to your listing account

2. On your Dashboard, click on Listings and then on Availability Calendar

3.  If you have more than one listing or have multiple units/rooms, select the one you want to edit

4.  Alternatively, you can also select all of your rooms/units and all of your listings at the same time to update them all at once.  In the Apply Bulk Actions box below the calendar, simply click on the link under the Select Room(s) section

5.  Select the dates in the date box - the left most box is for arrivals and the box on the right is for departures.  Once the dates have been selected, click on the green Apply button

6.  Once you've selected your dates, choose what you want your calendar to display by selecting from the drop-down menu

7. Hit the Save button and your calendar will be updated.