Quotes, or Special Offers allow you to set a custom, all inclusive price for your guest's reservation, after a guest has enquired.

How to Quote \ send a Special Offer:

From your Inbox, select a conversation. Then click the button: CREATE QUOTE - OR SPECIAL OFFER.

Enter the details for the quote\special offer, including the total price you'd like to offer your guest. The total price should include our commission fees and your applicable VAT.

Make sure to add any additional fees such as admin or cleaning in your total price, because they won't be added to your total. If you have a security deposit on your listing, it will be included in the reservation details.

Example: You enter a R1000 Quote\Special Offer. We will deduct our host fee, typically 17.25% [15% + VAT] . (Please note the Commission amount depends on your commission settings in your Login Area under the CommBoost page) and you will receive a R827.50 payment. Your guest will see your offer as R1000.

You can remove a Special Offer from a message thread any time before it has been booked.

The minimum for a Quote \ Special Offer is R100.


- Nightsbridge enabled listings may also send quotes for custom prices via the same process as above.

- As of 1 April 2017 hosts can now specify their own custom deposit % amount for that specific booking.