In the event that you must cancel a confirmed booking, we kindly urge you to do so as soon as possible.

Please contact your guest to explain, then officially cancel the reservation on Afristay under Your Reservations > Cancel

Your reservation is officially cancelled only when the status displays “Cancelled” in your Afristay account. By cancelling a reservation in your account, please note that you will be recorded as the party responsible for initiating the cancellation.

Because host cancellations are disruptive for guests and require additional customer support, as well as funds for securing last-minute accommodations, the following action is applied:

  • You may be subject to a cancellation fee in order to help offset the cost sent to your guest to help with securing last-minute accommodations. This will be taken from your next payout.


Afristay will handle the refund to guests, and you will receive no payout. In the event we have paid you, hosts must reimburse Afristay, in full, within 5 business days.