As of April 1st 2017, for greater flexibility for establishments and guests, we now provide a deposit booking option. 

The default deposit percent is 50% of the booking value. 

This means the guest needs to only pay Afristay 50%, we deduct our service fees and pay the remaining amount from the deposit to the establishment (typically 5 business days from us receiving the funds).  

The remainder of the booking is then paid directly by the guest to the establishment.

If the guest pays more than the deposit amount, we retain these funds, in the event of a cancellation, and once the guests refund period closes - based on the listings cancellation terms, we then pay this to the establishment. 

For establishments who do not want guests to pay them directly, they may change this setting in their Login Area > Payments and Cancellation Policy.

Specific deposit amounts may also be set on a per booking level to over-ride the default deposit amount.

How our fees work:

Your payout will be your rental price minus the commission service fee. (Typically 15% + VAT).

Please note we charge commission on the full booking amount.

Example: a 5-night reservation with a nightly rate of R1000 and a R250 cleaning fee.

Subtotal: (5 X R1000) + R250 = R5250

(The price of R5250 is displayed to the guest)

Commission service fee: R905.63 (15% R787.50 + VAT R118.13)

Your Earnings: R4344.37 (R5250 - R905.63)

Please make sure to check commission settings in your Login Area under the CommBoost page for accurate calculations. The above example is based on the commission charged at 15% + vat.

To see details or exact timeframes on any of your payouts, visit your Transaction History.

Here are some common reasons that may impact the amount of your payout:

  • You have Premium pricing for certain days
  • Your Seasonal pricing for certain periods of the year.
  • You should include all costs in your pricing settings whenever possible.
  • Our system only processes whole numbers and rounds to the nearest whole amount.
  • Depending on the country of residence of the host or guest, VAT on the service fees may be included as an additional amount over and above the total Afristay service fee.

To change the price of an accepted reservation, you will need to alter the reservation with your guest.

Note: If a booking is made after the pay-out periods mentioned above (Eg: a booking on a Moderate listing 3 days before the check-in time), we may need 1-3 business days to process and send payment on to you. 

When Payment is sent is based on your Listings Cancellation Terms:

Note: All enquiries and bookings March 31st and prior follow the old rules:

1. Flexible: 100%, 1 day after check-in.

2. Moderate: 50%, 5 business days from us receiving the guest funds or 13 days before check-in (whichever occurs first). Remaining 50% 1 day after check-in

3. Strict: 50%, 5 business days from us receiving the guest funds. Remaining 50% 5 days before check-in.

4. Super Strict: 50%, 5 business days from us receiving the guest funds. Remaining 50% 28 days before check-in.  (available via special request only).

5. No Refund: 100%, 5 business days from us receiving the guest funds.